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Constantine Berman

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Anatomy trains
  • Aesthetic remodeling facial hiromassage
  • Venous-lymphatic facial drainage in the postoperative period.
  • Drainage techniques in facial massage
  • Myofascial approach
  • Postural disorders: Forward head posture
  • Postural disorders: rounded shoulders, kyphotic posture.
  • Slow tempo massage concept: Neuro-modulating massage
    drainage body massage
  • Topographical anatomy
  • Myofascial massage
  • Rolling massage
  • Myofascial mobilization massage
  • Myofascial pain syndromes:
    а) Head-Neck
    b) Upper back+arms
    c) Low back+legs
    d) Pain (theoretic lesson)
  • Zoku shin foot massage

Vazgens Sorokins

  • Applied kinesiology ( 6 modules )
  • Integrated myofascial therapy ( 10 modules)

Pavels Kolomiecs

  • NordBlade Instrumental mobilization

Diana Gerviene

  • Kobido I step (Japanese therapy massage)
  • Kobido II step (Japanese therapy massage)
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Honey massage
  • Triggerpoints massage
  • Ayurveda massage
  • Gua Sha body massage
  • Head and shouders massage
  • Tai massage
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